Shenmue III does not have any of the classic SEGA arcade cabinets from its predecessors, but Yu Suzuki has compensated with a Virtua Fighter-inspired brawler named ChobuChan Fighter. It features whimsical chickens, and is related to one of the title’s primary collectibles. In order to play it, you’ll need to manually move the arcade cabinet using Ryo Hazuki’s infamous forklift truck.

The legendary director explains that “connection” is a theme throughout the long-awaited sequel, so many of the side-activities overlap. For example, one of the primary rewards throughout the title is new clothing for the moody main character to wear. Obviously, doing jobs like chopping wood will also reward you with money that you can use to spend on fresh threads.

A big part of the Shenmue experience is also being part of a living, breathing world, and the threequel will allow you to rummage through more drawers than ever before. Suzuki himself admits that many may not find this fun, but searching cupboards for unexpected surprises is a huge, ahem, draw. We can’t wait now.