We're pretty pumped for Streets of Rage 4, a long overdue sequel to the classic beat 'em up series. After some hands-on time with the game last month, we came away excited for this faithful, gorgeous new entry. You can rest assured that the gameplay is going to be rock solid, especially if this new developer diary is anything to go by.

Game designer Jordi Asensio discusses how many of the staff working on the game are already big Streets of Rage fans. He also discusses using Streets of Rage 2, widely considered the best in the series, as a basis for the new game; you can even see a clip of him playing the two in tandem, and it looks identical. It's clear from the way he talks that Lizardcube is putting its all into every little detail -- Asensio says even "the basic punch must be really good". Sounds good to us.

There's plenty more details in the above video. You'll hear from Asensio and some of the folks at Guard Crush discuss the engine which can be modified in real time, their love of fighting games, and their restraint on modernising the game too much. Are you looking forward to Streets of Rage 4 in 2020? Eat a whole chicken in the comments below.

[source youtube.com, via gematsu.com]