Death Stranding PS4 Review Scores Poll

It's been one whole week since Death Stranding launched on PlayStation 4. Hideo Kojima's latest has sparked debate after debate all across the internet, and it continues to do so. The game received very positive critical reviews -- for the most part -- but the title's had its detractors since the moment it was revealed. That said, based on the discourse that we've seen around the web, those who have actually bought the game are enjoying it.

Of course, we simply must dig deeper, and so we present you with today's poll. Whether you love Death Stranding, hate it, or just think it's okay, we want to know. Did you end up buying it? How long have you spent playing it? What review score would you give it? Vote in our polls, and then bring an honest opinion to the comments section below.

Did you buy Death Stranding?
How many hours have you spent playing Death Stranding?
What review score would you give Death Stranding?