Most Expensive PSN Avatar

Update: Yeah, so that avatar on the PlayStation Store that costs $99.99? Someone's only gone and bought the bloody thing. Either that, or they somehow got a redemption code for it and rated it five stars. In any case, this new low has just hit an even lower low. Thanks again to the eagle-eyed Wario64.

Original story: What the hell is this? The already weird world of PlayStation Network avatars just got a whole lot weirder with the addition of a new avatar that costs $99.99. The 'State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem - Golden Prince Avatar' (as spotted by Wario64) was added to the North American PlayStation Store on the 1st November.

Most Expensive PSN Avatar PS4

To be blunt, the avatar section of the PlayStation Store has long been a den of dodgy artwork that somehow sells at a premium. Avatars that are very loosely tied to PlayStation 4 games that you've never heard of are added by the bucketload week in, week out, but this $100 display pic is surely a low point for Sony's storefront.

What do you make of this? Please don't buy this thing in the comments section below.