Death Stranding Review Bomb Metacritic

Oh for God's sake, this again? For some reason, quite a few people on the internet have decided that Hideo Kojima's a hack and that he deserves some hate. It's a weirdly convoluted narrative that we've watched develop over the course of Death Stranding's development, and now that the game is here, detractors seem to be out in force.

Naturally, this means that the title is being review bombed over on Metacritic. Death Stranding currently sits at a user score of 6.1, with a total of 479 negative reviews -- most of which award the game a big fat 0.

Metacritic user scores are never a one-sided war, though. Death Stranding also has 688 positive reviews, many of which head straight to the opposite end of the review score spectrum and slap a 10 on the title. We suppose some things never change.

So why is Death Stranding being review bombed in the first place? Well, it's probably due to a number of reasons -- most of them prompting an eye roll or two, no doubt. A couple of weeks back, it was confirmed that Death Stranding will be coming to PC in 2020, so that's probably a sticking point for some. On top of that, we're sure that the game's just not what some people wanted it to be, but why that translates to a review score of 0 is beyond our comprehension.

Welcome to the internet.