The story-based adventure title Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, which includes writing from various video game critics, is headed to PlayStation 4 on 2nd December. Described as "a game about wandering Depression-era America, collecting stories ranging from tales of terrifying ghost children to the legend of Pecos Bil", it's your job to share these stories with the people you meet.

Featuring the likes of Waypoint's Austin Walker and Kotaku's Gita Jackson, each person tells of their background, religion, and the events that have shaped their lives. It's supposed to be a fairly good experience, with a Metacritic score of 74 to boast of upon its PC release, but the game is perhaps best known for its creator deeming the title a commercial flop. Speaking with Polygon, Johnnemann Nordhagen said: "The game has not performed as well as I had hoped or expected." Let's hope this PS4 release at least increases those sales somewhat.

Will you be checking out Where the Water Tastes Like Wine this December? Pour us a glass in the comments below.

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