Elden Ring PS4

Remember Elden Ring? The collaborative effort between From Software and Game of Thrones' George R.R. Martin was one of E3 2019's biggest announcements, but we've heard absolutely nothing from the project since. The radio silence already has the Souls community a little bit nervous, but the fake leaks currently doing the rounds aren't helping either.

The game's Reddit page is in an awkward place at the moment as it puts up with supposed video clips of an Elden Ring alpha test that isn't actually real, while rogue members are making fake lore posts that are being disguised as actual information. The lack of concrete facts clearly has a lot of people restless thanks to an uneasy feeling about the place.

You can't blame them too much, either. There hasn't been any new details or footage shared by the developer since its reveal with various industry events passing them by. The Game Awards next month is the title's last chance to show something substantial in 2019, but if it skips that show too, we have to assume that it's a PS5 game at that point.

Are you still excited about Elden Ring? Are you worried about the lack of information? Rest by a bonfire in the comments below.

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