Red Dead Redemption 2 Dinosaur Bones Locations Guide 1

One of the side quests in Red Dead Redemption 2 challenges you to track down a whopping 30 dinosaur bones so that a crazy collector can recreate the ancient monster. Do so and you'll get a lovely new hunting knife as a reward.

These bones can be incredibly tricky to spot. They occasionally hide in the undergrowth, are wedged into a cliff face, or are at the very top of mountains. Fortunately though, they glow up like a Christmas tree when you go into eagle vision. Use it.

In this guide, we're going to detail the location of every single dinosaur bone so you can track them down and complete the quest. We'll include map locations and screenshots to help you narrow it down.

Note: This guide features heavy spoilers from bone 23 onwards. We'd strongly advise you to complete the story before trying to find these bones.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Dinosaur Bones Locations

Here are all the dinosaur bones locations in Red Dead Redemption 2:

Dinosaur Bone 1

The first dinosaur bone is located just south of the 'L' in Lemoyne, at the place where you scout for a new camp at the end of chapter 2.

Dinosaur Bone 2

The next bone is to the northeast of the 'L' in Lemoyne, due west of Dewberry Creek. You'll find it just on the edge of the dried up river.

Dinosaur Bone 3

Now, take a mosey on over to the rail tracks due east of Flatneck Station. You'll want to travel about halfway between them and Lemoyne. You'll find the bones on the grassy plains nearby.

Dinosaur Bone 4

Time to head north from your location. Head for the spot between 'R' and 'T' in Heartlands, then due south in between the two roads. Check the map if you're unsure. The bone is difficult to spot, as it's just about sticking out of the ground. Use eagle vision.

Dinosaur Bone 5

You'll find the next bone underneath an Oil Derrick, which is due south of the 'R' in 'Heartlands'. Go under the Derrick and climb down the ladder to find this bone.

Dinosaur Bone 6

Now, take a gallop on over to the road just above the 'O' in New Hanover. You'll find this dinosaur bone sticking out of a grassy region just off the road.

Dinosaur Bone 7

We're going further east this time, to the Kamasa River south of Annesburg. The dinosaur bone is on the riverbank by the 'R' in 'River'.

Dinosaur Bone 8

Next up is a forest section north west of Van Horn Trading Post. This particular bone is incredibly difficult to spot as it's buried beneath foliage on the forest floor. Use eagle vision to help you.

Dinosaur Bone 9

Time to head north of Annesburg to another forested section east of Roanoke Valley. Again, it's slightly buried in the ground but it's bigger than the last one so easier to locate.

Dinosaur Bone 10

Now we're going to head west, to the train tracks west of Roanoke Valley. This bone is just off the road that goes underneath the tracks.

Dinosaur Bone 11

Keep following that road west until you're just past the 'O' in Ambarino. Head off the road south and you'll find the bone partially buried in the grass.

Dinosaur Bone 12

South now to the 'S' in the word 'East' of Grizzlies East. Just south of this, on a mountaintop, you'll find the next bone.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Dinosaur Bones Locations Guide 24

Dinosaur Bone 13

Now back north to the 'I' in Ambarino. Slightly west of the bottom of the I, you'll find a massive dinosaur claw stuck inside the cliff wall.

Dinosaur Bone 14

Let's take a mosey on down to Bacchus Station. South of the 'S' in Station you'll find the bone by the side of the cliffs.

Dinosaur Bone 15

Cross the river north of Fort Wallace and get on top of the cliffs. Travel west and keep an eye out beneath you. You'll eventually spot the bone off a small drop in the cliffside.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Dinosaur Bones Locations Guide 29

Dinosaur Bone 16

Time to travel to Cumberland Forest, specifically to south of the 'C'. Once again, you'll find this bone just on the edge of a cliff. What is it with dinosaur bones and cliffs?

Dinosaur Bone 17

Now back to the Dakota River, you'll find another dinosaur bone in the face of the cliff directly north of Valentine, across the river.

Dinosaur Bone 18

This next one is mercifully close. Cross the river and get to the bank just north of the 'L' in Valentine. This one's buried in the grass again, just like old times.

Dinosaur Bone 19

Now we're going to journey south of Valentine, then east to the Dakota River again. You'll find the dinosaur bone just south of the path that runs adjacent to the 'k' in Dakota. This one is, once again, sticking out of the cliff face.

Dinosaur Bone 20

We'll cross the river and go north west of Wallace Station, directly south of the 'L' in Grizzlies West. This dinosaur bone is tough to find, as it's inside a dark cave that's really tricky to spot.

Dinosaur Bone 21

Go further west of Wallace Station to the 'W' in West Elizabeth. You'll find this dinosaur bone sticking out of the dirt by the tracks north of the 'G' in Big Valley.

Dinosaur Bone 22

Now go south of the 'G' in Big Valley until you reach the road that runs south west of the 'S' in West Elizabeth. You'll find this bone on the edge of a cliff.

Warning: you can only find the remaining bones once you've completed the main story. The following section contains spoilers and we strongly recommend you look away now unless you've already completed the game.

Dinosaur Bone 23

You want to head to the incredibly spoiler-filled area known as Hennigan's Stead – due west of Blackwater. As you approach the word 'Hennigan's' on the map, you'll reach an area called Pike Basin. The bone is at the base of the, er, basin underneath the first 'N'.

Dinosaur Bone 24

Now go south to the San Luis River and grab the bone on a hill overlooking an island in between the 'A' and 'N' in 'San'.

Dinosaur Bone 25

Follow the river further west until you reach Rio Del Lobo Rock. The one is on top of the east side of it, right beneath the word K.

Dinosaur Bone 26

Keep travelling west to Rio Bravo and stop when you reach the 'B'. Due south of it you'll find a bone sticking out of the dirt. It looks like a pair of antlers.

Dinosaur Bone 27

Getting close to that new hunting knife now! We're going to go north a considerable distance to the point between the 'A' and 'U' in 'New Austin'. You'll find a small passage known as 'Judge's Gap' when you're in the right place. Head west over Judge's Gap following the base of the 'A' and you'll find the bone near a big cactus.

Dinosaur Bone 28

Keep heading north past Cholla Springs until you find Rattlesnake Hollow. It's due west of Twin Rocks or Northwest of Armadillo. You'll find the bone inside of a rock.

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Dinosaur Bone 29

Now we'll go west again to Gaptooth Ridge, which is just northeast of Tumbleweed. Get between the 'D' and 'G' in Ridge and you'll find the bone surrounded by cacti.

Dinosaur Bone 30

Lastly, we'll go to Tumbleweed. Go south of the 'L' and you'll find the last bone on the edge of a cliff. Grab it and you're done! To complete the quest, mail the bone locations to MacGuiness then wait 24 in-game hours. Go back to the post office and you'll get a letter inviting you to meet MacGuiness in Valentine, where she'll reward you with your new hunting knife.

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