MediEvil PS4 PlayStation 4 How to Unlock PS1 Old Game Version Guide

How do you unlock the original PSone version of MediEvil in the PS4 remake? What do you have to do to get the PS1 MediEvil port? In MediEvil on PS4, it's possible to unlock the original version of the game, which is a pretty darn cool reward for players. But how exactly do you gain access to it? Read on to find out.

MediEvil PS4 - How do you unlock the Old Game option to play the original PS1 game?

The answer to this question is pretty straightforward, although the task itself is a little more complicated.

In order to play the original, PSone version of MediEvil in the remake, you'll need to find and help out all the Lost Souls. The Lost Souls are discovered towards the end of the story in the MediEvil remake, and give you a reason to revisit most of the levels once again. We have a dedicated guide to the Lost Souls, where to find them, and how to complete their tasks.

Once you've completed the all of the Lost Souls, you will gain access to a new option on the main menu named Old Game. This will take you to a port of the 1998 original MediEvil. Neat!