MediEvil Farmers Haunted Ruins PS4 PlayStation 4 Guide

How do you keep the farmers alive in the Haunted Ruins level in MediEvil? How do you save the farmers from the fires? At the start of the Haunted Ruins stage in MediEvil, you'll be introduced to three farmers who have been captured and are being held above some flames in the castle grounds. Sir Dan to the rescue, then -- but how do you save them? We're going to tell you in this guide.

MediEvil PS4 - how to rescue the farmers in The Haunted Ruins

Once you progress through the drawbridge at the start of the level and clamber up the castle wall, read the book at the top. You'll be instructed to "move quickly, slay the demons on guard, and release the farmers". However, it's not as straightforward as it sounds. Let's go through the steps on how to deal with this part of the Haunted Ruins level.

Kill the shadow demons carefully

Hopefully by this point in the game, you'll have access to some pretty good weapons. If you've been following our guide on how to get all the Chalices, you should have the Magic Longbow. This weapon is best because it will one-shot all the shadow demons, and you can fire it pretty quickly.

The most effective method is to kill the first flying shadow demon as you make your way to the right (one arrow will do it). Then, before you hop down into the courtyard, you should be able to target one of the demons below. When you have one of them highlighted, charge up the Magic Longbow's secondary attack and let it loose. This should kill all of the demons that would otherwise lower the farmers into the fire. If not, hop down and use the bow to finish them off.

Alternatively, the Spear will get the job done. One spear will take out that flying demon, and then spam spears into the courtyard demons before they reach the switch.

Put out the fires

There's a fire under each of the three farmers. If you press the switch, they'll be lowered into the flames and will die, which isn't what we want. What you have to do is put out the fires with a blunt weapon.

Equip either a Club or your Hammer. Approach one of the fires, but be careful not to step into it. You need to hit it three times to extinguish the flames. Don't worry -- your weapon swings won't hurt the farmers. Repeat this for all three fires.

Lower the farmers down

Once all three fires are out, you can finally let the farmers down from their binds. Simply stand on the big square switch and they'll be free.

Follow them as they run off, though, as you'll be rewarded with 150 coins. Not bad!