MediEvil How to Get Your Stolen Weapons Back PS4 PlayStation 4 Guide

How do you get your stolen weapons back in MediEvil on PS4? What happens when Imps steal your weapons? In MediEvil on PlayStation 4, there's a possibility you may have your weapons stolen by certain enemies. But what happens if they take your weapons away? Can you get your stolen weapons back? We're here to answer these questions.

MediEvil PS4 - How to get your stolen weapons back

Let's go through all the info on stolen weapons and the enemies that take them away.

Which enemies will steal your weapons?

There's only one type of enemy that might snatch your weapon in MediEvil, and it's the Imps. These short, brown-coloured baddies aren't very dangerous, but if you're not careful, they'll get up close to Sir Dan and will take whichever weapon he currently has equipped. They'll then run away with your weapon. If you don't reach them in time, they'll even take them away from you altogether. Those little rotters!

Can you take your weapon back?

If an Imp steals your weapon, it is possible to retrieve it before they carry it off. When your equipped weapon is stolen, you'll automatically swap to your secondary weapon so you can continue attacking. If you don't have a useful weapon in your second slot, quickly hop into the Inventory, choose another weapon, and chase down the thieving Imp. Once you kill it, you'll be able to pick your stolen weapon back up.

What happens if you don't take your stolen weapon back in time?

If you don't manage to kill the Imp who's taken your weapon, it'll run away through a hole and you'll no longer have access to that weapon. That might sound harsh, but don't worry -- there is a way to get any stolen weapons back.

How do you get your stolen weapons back?

If an Imp steals your weapon and you've lost access to it, fear not. Continue with the level without your weapon. The next time you find a Merchant Gargoyle, interact with it. At the very bottom of the list should be a new option where you can buy back your stolen weapons with gold. That's right -- if you have a weapon stolen, you can easily get it back from a Merchant Gargoyle, but it'll cost you. The amount of money you have to pay will depend on how powerful the weapon is.