Grid PS4

Remember GRID? The racer released on PlayStation 4 last month to somewhat decent reviews, but it has seemingly already been all but forgotten about. It's due to launch on Google Stadia before the year is out, but the streaming service will be getting its hands on an exclusive mode once it ships.

Speaking with WCCFTech, development director Mark Green revealed that a new mode will ship with the game's Stadia launch that places 40 cars on the track. It won't be making its way to PS4, however, because apparently it simply isn't possible on the current-gen hardware. "Perhaps the area with the biggest difference was the streaming, but also the ability of Stadia to talk to other Stadia so quickly transforms some ideas around multiplayer – for example developing a whole new mode for GRID Stadia which has 40 cars on track at the same time, something that just isn’t possible with other hardware."

We're by no means developers ourselves over here at Push Square, but we get the feeling that this quote is just a little bit suspect. Various racing games have managed to get 40 cars on the track in the past, so why wouldn't GRID be able to manage that on PS4? We've already got Fortnite and PUBG on the system boasting player counts more than double that.

Do you really believe that Sony's console isn't powerful enough to handle 40 cars on a track? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.