Why yes, we'd love a Ristar-style action platformer about a skeleton with a demonic spinal grappling hook, please and thank you. Vertebreaker has just hit Kickstarter, and we must admit, it's already looking promising. However, if it doesn't make it to PlayStation 4 (or PS5) in the future, we'll have a bone to pick with developer Headcannon.

The team, made up of some of the people responsible for the wonderful Sonic Mania, is asking prospective backers to support its latest creation. In this 2D sidescroller, the skeletal main character uses a whip-like grapple to launch himself in all directions around large levels. Judging by the above video, the weapon doubles as a traversal mechanic, and will be used for all kinds of purposes: taking out enemies, reaching high platforms, solving environmental puzzles, and fighting bosses. It looks pretty damn cool.

Vertebreaker is only confirmed for release on PC and Mac thus far, with a stretch goal aiming for release on Nintendo Switch. Hopefully, should the game do well enough, it'll make it onto PlayStation platforms in the future. What do you think of this project? Grapple down into the comments below.

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