Death Stranding PS4 PlayStation 4 Deals 1

If you haven’t played Death Stranding yet, there’s a good chance you’re at the very least curious about it. You may, however, be reluctant to pay full-price. Fortunately, UK store Monster Shop is on hand with the best offer we’ve seen yet for the Kojima Productions developed PlayStation 4 console exclusive: £34.99. Yes, we realise this is the price you used to be able to pay for brand new titles in previous generations, but we suppose nothing gold can stay.

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We loved auteur Hideo Kojima’s independent debut in our review: "Following years of mysterious anticipation, Death Stranding delivers on all fronts. An accomplished, fascinating set of gameplay mechanics allow you to make deliveries the way you want to, while social features let the game live on once you've put the controller down. It may become slightly tiresome as you hit the halfway mark, but the phenomenal narrative is on hand to pick things back up again and its outstanding visuals are the cherry on top. Death Stranding doesn’t raise the bar for any particular genre, it creates an entirely new one."