Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster BioWare

For the love of God BioWare, just remaster the Mass Effect Trilogy. Just do it. Tell EA that it's easy money. Just put the bloody games on PlayStation 4. It's been six years since Sony's console launched and we still don't have ports of the last generation's most beloved trilogy. What are you doing? It's 2019 (!!!) and we can't play as Commander Shepard on PS4. How the hell did you let this happen? Put a bullet in ANTHEM, forget about Mass Effect Andromeda 2 -- get Garrus and the gang on our current-gen console right now. Right now on N7 Day.

Yes, it's looking increasingly likely that the rumoured reveal of a Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster isn't happening today. Instead, BioWare has simply taken to Twitter to tell us that it'll be releasing "a series of short videos featuring members of the team".

There's another layer to this tweet, though. It also reads: "We want to hear what you love about the Mass Effect universe and what you want to see in the future, so join the discussion by using the #N7Day hashtag."

You know what we'd like to see in the future, BioWare? Have a guess. It's the same thing we've been asking for over the best part of a decade.





If you're even remotely as demanding as we are, we encourage you to head on over to Twitter and tell BioWare exactly what it is that we all want. Remember to be nice, though. Earn those paragon points.