Two of PlayStation 4's finest indie titles have crossed over, and it seems like a pretty good fit. Rocket League has accrued quite the soundtrack over the years, and so it makes sense that some of these songs make their way into the popular PSVR rhythm title, Beat Saber. A new song pack for the game is available now for £7.39 / $8.99, and features six tracks from Psyonix's football-with-cars smash hit. You'll be able to play them in a new, Rocket League-inspired arena.

Meanwhile, Rocket League itself isn't being left out. Two new cosmetic items have been added to the game; a topper that looks like a Beat Saber block, and a boost trail that spouts the cubes from your vehicle's exhaust. These items are free, and should unlock automatically.

Will you be checking out this crossover content? Chop blocks and score goals in the comments below.