Wargroove: Double Trouble PS4

Wargroove is an excellent, strategical indie game that released on PlayStation 4 earlier this year, but since its launch came so late when compared to other platforms, it was somewhat overlooked. The game is about to get much bigger and even better, however, with a new Double Trouble DLC that introduces a number of new features, units, and characters to the experience. Let's hope this update actually hits PS4 day and date with other platforms this time around.

The biggest addition takes the form of a new co-op story campaign, which can be played online, locally, or even solo. Alongside that, you can take charge of three new commanders and order about two more units - Thieves and Riflemen. New editor tools will allow you to better shape your custom maps and campaigns, while public and private multiplayer lobbies let you take your custom campaigns online.

The game's biggest update yet also comes with a huge list of balance changes, which you can check out through this link. Double Trouble is said to be in the final testing phase, so a release date shouldn't be too far away. Are you looking forward to playing more Wargroove? Command your troops in the comments below.

[source wargroove.com]