The Outer Worlds PS4 PlayStation 4 Day One Patch

Obsidian's Fallout-in-space RPG The Outer Worlds is fast approaching. Releasing on 25th October, the sci-fi adventure is just over a week away. In preparation for the game's launch, the studio has given fans a bit more information, including word of a day one patch.

According to the developer, The Outer Worlds will arrive with a pretty sizeable day one update in tow. If you want the most up to date version of the title, you'll need to download a patch roughly 18GB in size. If you've pre-ordered the digital version, this will just be part of your regular game download, but those with physical copies will have to wait for the update. As for what the patch does, Obsidian simply states it contains "tweaks and optimization fixes".

It's a pretty beefy patch, but will hopefully be worth the lengthy download. Are you ready for The Outer Worlds on PS4? Blast off in the comments below.