The Last of Us Part II PS4 PlayStation 4

The conversation around making games accessible to more players has been burning brighter this generation, and it's something more developers are paying attention to. More and more games are beginning to provide accessibility options for those who need them. Naughty Dog has actually been making a case for this with its last couple of titles; Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and The Lost Legacy both have many options to make sure everyone, regardless of ability, will have a good experience.

It sounds like the studio is taking the same approach with The Last of Us: Part II. During an interview with Mexican site 3DJuegos, director Neil Druckmann assures that the sequel will be approachable to all types of players. However, this won't be at the cost of the game's atmosphere: "We want the game to be accessible, that many people can play it, but that everyone feels the tension no matter how difficult they play it," says a Google translated Druckmann. "That tension is very important in Ellie's story and the feeling that leaves you."

There will of course be multiple difficulty settings, but it seems the studio will go the extra mile. "We will have many accessibility options, we know that not everyone has the same skill, the same visual or auditory ability, we want to make sure everyone can enjoy the story," Druckmann says.

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