Doctor Strange PS5© Marvel

There's far too much smoke in the air when it comes to Sony and Remedy for there not to be something in the works. Following Control's timed-exclusive DLC on PlayStation 4 and numerous studio visits from PlayStation's bigwigs, we reckon the two companies have something big cooked up for the PS5. It's probably going to be a new IP you'll only find on Sony's next-generation system, it's sort of the Finnish studio's forte, but what if we can go bigger than that? Marvel's Spider-Man is proof that the Japanese giant has built a positive relationship with Marvel Games, so let's leverage that once more for a superhero experience unlike any other. Remedy is the perfect developer for a video game adaptation of Doctor Strange.

The surgeon turned magician's powers include flight, the ability to summon objects, teleportation, energy blasts, and protective shields. Control allows you to launch objects and rubble at enemies through telekinesis, create a shield to deflect bullets at will, float about the battlefield with Levitate, and take over people's minds. The team's game before that, Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break, is perhaps even further proof that Remedy is more than up to the task.

The third-person action adventure title allowed you to slow down and stop time completely so that you could manoeuvre about combat arenas with ease. Furthermore, time bubbles allowed you to unleash a huge amount of ammunition into a vortex, which when triggered would dump all of those bullets into an unsuspecting boss at once. The abilities and powers Remedy has had to offer in its two previous titles line up perfectly with what Doctor Strange is all about.

Doctor Strange PS5© Marvel

The studio has been honing its craft in the weird and wonderful for the past two decades, stretching all the way back to the Bullet Time mechanic found in 2001's Max Payne. It's an art that Remedy has perfected, and it feels like with the use of the Marvel license, it could be the team's breakout moment on the biggest stage of all. The developer's past titles have consistently underperformed sales-wise, but with the help of PlayStation's marketing budget and the simple attachment to a Marvel franchise, it would surely be Remedy's most profitable game yet.

It wouldn't do the same numbers as Marvel's Spider-Man, Doctor Strange isn't anywhere near the level of popularity that everyone's favourite web-slinger commands, but this is a compelling project that could sell a PS5 to superhero fanatics early on in its life-span. It's something I would be interested in for sure, and I wouldn't even consider myself a particularly big fan of Marvel movies.

The best thing is that with the experience that Remedy is already packing, it probably wouldn't take that long for such an experience to come together. Sam Lake and co have been delving into the mysterious world of superpowers for the best part of 20 years, so the basics are already set in concrete. Build an open world and an interesting narrative around it, link back to the adventures of Peter Parker with teases for Marvel's Spider-Man 2, and jobs a good'un.

Would you like to see a video game adaptation of Doctor Strange with Remedy at the helm? Do you think a different developer is even better suited to the task? Change our minds in the comments below.