Shadow of the Tomb Raider more or less came and went upon its PlayStation 4 release last September, but we've heard that the DLC released for it post-launch actually ended up being pretty good. Starting next month, you'll be able to purchase that base game and all additional content in one transaction as the Definitive Edition bundles it all together both digitally and physically.

Coming to PS4 on 5th November, it includes the original Shadow of the Tomb Raider experience alongside all seven additional tombs that were added after launch. That includes every new side mission, weapon, skill, and outfit. Season pass owners will have their copy of the game automatically upgraded to the Definitive Edition, although it doesn't actually come with any extra goodies.

We'd like to think that this won't be a full-price release, but a monetary value hasn't been assigned just yet. Are you interested in checking Shadow of the Tomb Raider out along with its DLC? Let us know in the comments below.