The creations coming out of Dreams just keep on getting better and better. That pesky goose from Untitled Goose Game is the next popular character to feature in a video game mashup only made possible by the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, and it has decided to take the place of Solid Snake and infiltrate Shadow Moses itself. The video above needs to be seen to be believed.

YouTuber Bearly Regal, the original creator of the Metal Gear Solid remake in Dreams, has now returned to his work with an Untitled Goose Game twist. Using what we assume was his initial creation before he turned it over to the community, Regal allows you to pick up rations, take advantage of all the classic camera angles that would be used to distract guards, and even make a dash for the elevator in order to rescue the DARPA Chief and Kenneth Baker.

This impressive creation just adds to the list of what Bearly Regal has managed to make in Dreams, which also includes the Death Stranding PSone trailer demake. Do you think that goose could do a better job than Solid Snake? Sneak into the comments below.