Do you remember the thoroughly impressive Metal Gear Solid remake that was coming together in Dreams from about a month ago? Well, there's good news and bad news. On a positive note, YouTube user Bearly Regal has been working tirelessly to fine-tune the opening area to create the best possible recreation, which you can check out in the video above. The bad news is that unfortunately, this is all we'll be getting.

The creator has fallen on ill health, stating: "The original plan was to rebuild the entire game but unfortunately I don't have the time to continue the project (and my health isn't particularly great either) so I'm passing the gauntlet over to you!" It's a sad turn of events, but Bearly Regal has done something to allow other creators to manufacture their own Metal Gear Solid levels.

If you collect all 13 rations spread across the area, you'll unlock some creation tools and assets that will go a long way to helping you in your own sneaking missions should you want to recreate those memories. Hideo Kojima himself has once again retweeted the post that made the announcement, giving his blessing just like he did upon the original trailer's unveiling.

Will you be taking up the reigns left by Bearly Regal? Get your thinking hat on in the comments below.