Today's the day Sir Daniel Fortesque comes to life once again with the MediEvil remake on PlayStation 4. It's an incredibly faithful remake that fans are going to adore, and there's no denying it's full of spooky charm. In fact, PlayStation UK is capitalising on this; in celebration of Dan's resurrection, a series of mock movie posters are being shared online, and they're pretty great.

These posters are so good you can quite easily tell which films they're meant to portray. From left to right, you have recreations of the posters for Nightmare Before Christmas, Army of Darkness, and The Blair Witch Project. We particularly like Sir Dan swapping places with Jack Skellington in the first image, but the collection as a whole is a fun idea.

If any more are shown, we'll update the article. Which MediEvil movie poster is your favourite? Would you watch Sir Dan take on the lead role in any of these flicks? Grab some popcorn in the comments below.