Days Gone PS4

The PlayStation 4 captures a screenshot that corresponds with every single Trophy you earn, and the vast majority of the time, those images are completely throwaway. A random image of a menu, a weapon aimed down sights, a non-descript cutscene - you know the drill. However, it turns out PS4 exclusive Days Gone actually scripted those Trophies to capture an image that relates back to the description of said achievement.

Responding to a post on Twitter, lead open world designer Eric Jensen said: It was intentional! I scripted all of the storyline Trophies in Days Gone to pre-capture a cool moment within a cinematic that tied to the intent of the Trophy. Thanks for noticing!"

It's a very minor detail, but it's one worth highlighting as work clearly went into making sure the right moment was captured. We'd love to see more games take this approach, it'll make our daily scroll through our own record of Trophies we've earned a little more interesting at least.

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