PS5 Downloads

There's no denying that video games are getting bigger and bigger in size, something that has become quite the problem on the PlayStation 4. Developers are looking to tackle that issue with the next-gen PlayStation 5, however, with more modern technology that is supposed to speed up how quickly we download games.

Speaking with Wired, EA's chief studio officer Laura Miele said: "More generally, we’re seeing the GPU be able to power machine learning for all sorts of really interesting advancements in the gameplay and other tools. We're stepping into the generation of immediacy. In mobile games, we expect a game to download in moments, and to be just a few taps from jumping right in. Now we’re able to tackle that in a big way."

It's nice to know that during the next generation, we probably won't need to be waiting around for 12 hours to download the latest PS5 game. Of course, local download speeds will still play a part in this, but it looks like the issue is being tackled in some way.

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