Resident Evil 3 PS4 Remake

The multiplayer-focused Resident Evil spin-off Project Resistance is currently conducting a bit of a private beta at the moment ahead of its release next year, but some interesting footage has already made its way online. A few participants have noticed that a certain Resident Evil 3 theme song that plays in every save room featured in the PSone classic can be heard at random intervals throughout matches. This has, of course, lead to further speculation that the remake is on its way.

As captured by Twitter user @Nymeria_SK, the quick slice of footage below appears to take place in some sort of safe zone during an online match, and five seconds in, you can clearly hear the save room theme song from the aforementioned third iteration.

The use of a particular item or weapon doesn't seem to trigger the sound bite, so this must be baked into the ambient background music. Wild rumours have been suggesting that Project Resistance is actually a multiplayer mode for the currently unannounced Resident Evil 3 Remake, and while this is nowhere near proof that the project even exists, it's certainly an interesting discovery. Capcom probably does have plans for Jill Valentine's return, but we reckon this more of an easter egg than a solid clue.

What do you make of the discovery? Are those crazy rumours true? Pass us a green herb in the comments below.