Sometimes it's easy to forget just how far we've come in such a short span of time. Whenever a remake of a beloved older game comes around, it gives us an opportunity to appreciate the leaps that have been made in technology, and MediEvil is a perfect example. Over two decades separate the original game from the PlayStation 4 resurrection, and seeing them compared reveals a gigantic step forward for Sir Dan.

That's exactly what we're getting in this latest gameplay video from PlayStation Underground. It starts off exploring an area in the remake, then hops back to 1998. Of course, the difference is staggering. The remake might not be PS4's most impressive looking game, but it's a huge improvement on the PSone classic, and manages to maintain the comical, spooky tone to boot.

MediEvil comes to PS4 on 25th October. Are you excited to run through Gallowmere once again? Carve a pumpkin in the comments below.