MediEvil PS4

MediEvil's PlayStation 4 release is just over a week away now, which means it's time for its Trophy list to make its way online early. Exophase, as usual, has the full list of trinkets you'll be able to earn in this remake of the PSone classic, and it looks like earning the Platinum Trophy won't be too hard of a task.

In order to improve your Trophy percentage, you'll need to complete every level in the game, collect all the Chalice rewards and entries in the Book of Gallowmere, and defeat the Guardians of the Graveyard. Elsewhere, MediEvil wants you to defeat various bosses, find all the Lost Souls and then lay them to rest, and throw 42 chicken legs. Our favourite Trophy is titled Old School Sneaky, which asks you to try and input any cheat code from the original game.

Will you be gunning for the MediEvil Platinum Trophy? Plan your trinket hunting route in the comments below.