Marvel’s Avengers has taken a bit of a battering since being formally unveiled at E3 2019, but the project has started to look a lot more interesting in recent months. Case in point: this Kamala Khan unveiling is pretty neat, as Ms Marvel has been officially confirmed as the release’s sixth playable character. For those out of the loop, she’s a kind of Stretch Armstrong-type character, which looks odd in the Crystal Dynamics title’s artstyle – but still fun.

“Telling our story of Kamala’s coming-of-age brings a fresh, hopeful perspective to the gameplay experience and her unique abilities as Ms Marvel make her a character every person will want to play,” creative director Shaun Escayg said on the PlayStation Blog. “Kamala Khan is the defining ingredient that makes our game stand apart from any Avengers story you’ve experienced before.”

You can learn a lot more about the character's backstory and gameplay in the behind-the-scenes trailer embedded below:

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