Fifa 20 PS4 Patch Career Mode Bugs Fixes

Update: FIFA 20 patch 1.05 is now available to download on PS4. It's around 1GB in size. Let's hope it works!

Original story: FIFA 20 has been out for almost three weeks now, and the game's been plagued with problems since day one -- especially the oft-neglected Career Mode. Bugged team selection means that top clubs like Liverpool and Manchester City are being relegated, post-match interviews make no sense, in-game news articles are borked, and in some cases, the Champions League and Europe League are being abandoned after a few seasons. This year, Career Mode has been nothing short of a disaster.

Enthusiasts may not have to aim angry tweets at EA Sports for much longer, however. Due for release later this week on PlayStation 4, FIFA 20's fourth title update promises to fix a bunch of Career Mode issues. We've included the specific patch notes below.

FIFA 20 Career Mode Patch Notes

Made the following changes:

  • Added Goal Difference to the Standings screen.
  • Adjusted the default goal updates audio selection in some situations.

Addressed the following issues:

  • Sometimes opposing AI controlled teams were fielding weaker lineups in inappropriate situations.
  • Situation where the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League wouldn't take place during the season.
    • This fix will only impact new save files, it will have no impact on existing save files.
  • Managers were sometimes getting fired despite having very good records.
  • Various fixes to the questions being asked in press conferences.
  • The Carabao Cup was incorrectly going to extra time in the Semi-Finals instead of directly to penalty kicks.
  • Indicator that shows which team is controlled by the player was missing from some screens.
  • Corrected some issues with which teams were qualifying for various stages of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.
  • Transfers that included both a transfer fee and a player exchange do not reflect the player exchange in the associated Transfer News.
  • There was no email notification of receiving Sell-On Clause revenue.
    • This was an issue with receiving the email only, the revenue was still being added to your team.
  • The Transactions screen was not properly reflecting the amount that was paid out from a Sell-On Fee following the transfer of an applicable player.
  • Shortcut to Inbox was not correctly displaying on Press Conference days.
  • Recently signed youth players were requesting playtime too often.
  • Various issues related to News articles.
  • Various text issues impacting Liga 1.

Hopefully this patch puts an end to Career Mode's most frustrating flaws, but the developer's not done there. The update also includes a massive list of gameplay tweaks, along with additional fixes for Ultimate Team, Volta, and more. The full patch notes are bloody huge, so be sure to check out the official post.

We'll update this article once the patch is live on PS4, but until then, try not to get sacked in the comments section below.