Sennheiser Gsp 670 PS4 Headset Review

German company Sennheiser's been making top quality audio products for decades, and now it's branching out into the realm of wireless gaming headsets. Fully compatible with the PlayStation 4, the GSP 670 is an impressive but costly accessory.

In this hardware review, we're going to break down each element of the GSP 670 based on over 100 hours of use on Sony's console.


It's easy to get started with the GSP 670. The wireless headset comes with a small USB dongle for your PS4, and once it's inserted, it's simply a case of turning the headset on and making sure that your console's audio is being fed to the accessory.

Updating the headset's firmware requires Sennheiser's Gaming Suite software on PC, but again, it's a simple process, and the updates that we've performed have taken just seconds to install.

Sennheiser Gsp 670 PS4 Headset Review

Build Quality

The GSP 670 is a beefy headset, and it's certainly got a premium weight to it. The plastic that makes up most of the headset feels durable and high quality, and the same can be said of the rubberised microphone.

The headphones themselves are clearly built to last as well. Their outside plating is sleek but bulky, while the fabrics used on the inside scream quality. All in all, you can tell this is a top-end accessory just by holding it in your hands.


As mentioned, the GSP 670 is rather large, and it's not especially light. That said, it's a comfortable headset once you've adjusted the arms to suit your shape. The thick headphone padding, along with the padding that runs across the inside of the bridge, ensures that it's always a snug fit.

However, its weight may become a bit of a problem over the course of lengthier gaming sessions. After a couple of hours of continued use, we did begin to feel the bridge resting over the top of our head -- the same kind of uncomfortable sensation that you get from wearing a bicycle helmet for too long. Some quick adjustments to the arms and to the positioning of the headset was usually enough to solve this issue, but it's worth pointing out.

Sennheiser Gsp 670 PS4 Headset Review

Audio Quality

This is where the GSP 670 really shines. It's no exaggeration to say that this is probably the best-sounding gaming headset we've ever used. The depth and quality of the audio is superb across the board, whether you're listening to games, music, or videos.

We tested the GSP 670 over a wide range of PS4 titles, from fighting games like Tekken 7, to linear, cinematic adventures like Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, to huge open world titles like Red Dead Redemption 2. Every single one of them was a joy to listen to, with the GSP 670 offering crystal clear audio.

As hinted, it's the depth of sound that's often so impressive. In Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, for example, watching two hulking beasts smash into one another was taken to another level with the GSP 670. The rumblings and roars of the monsters, coupled with the swelling orchestral score, are layered to perfection. Even just wandering through the game's Ancient Forest area, everything's so crisp, from the sound of tiny buzzing insects to the distant footsteps of your quarry.

It's a similar story with chat audio. If you happen to be in a party while playing, the GSP 670 does a great job of separating the voices of your friends from the sounds of the game, and you can even adjust chat and game volume separately via an additional volume dial on the headset itself.

Again, the depth of sound that the headset offers can't be overlooked -- just stick some of your favourite songs on Spotify and you'll see exactly what we mean.


The GSP 670's microphone is activated by pulling it down from its upright position. The motion's smooth and there's a subtle click when it's enabled. Simple but effective.

Based on our experience, it's a quality microphone. Speech is consistently clear, and the noise cancelling appears to be top notch. We had someone stand next to us and attempt to register their voice through the headset as we were wearing it, and they had to shout for the GSP 670 to pick up even a hint of sound.

Sennheiser Gsp 670 PS4 Headset Review

Battery Life

Sennheiser says that the GSP 670 offers around 20 hours of battery life off one full charge, and that appears to be pretty much inline with our experience. With its volume set to above average, the GSP 670 lasted roughly 17 to 18 hours by our count before needing charged via micro USB cable.


There's no denying the quality of the GSP 670, but selling for £300 or $350 online, it's an expensive accessory.


The Sennheiser GSP 670 Wireless Headset is an excellently crafted PS4 accessory that offers an amazing audio experience. As we've already said, the quality of the product is undeniable -- the only thing that's standing in its way is the hefty price tag.

The bottom line is that if you're willing to pay for it, the GSP 670 is one of the best PS4 headsets on the market.

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