Is The Outer Worlds Open World Is The Outer Worlds Like Fallout

Is The Outer Worlds an open world game? Obsidian's latest release certainly has a lot in common with existing open world titles like Fallout: New Vegas (which was also developed by Obsidian), but if you're expecting to explore a huge map with few boundaries, then you're probably going to be disappointed.

Is The Outer Worlds open world?

No, The Outer Worlds is not open world. While it does feature a number of open areas that encourage exploration, these maps are quite small in comparison to the huge open worlds that we're used to seeing in games like Fallout.

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That said, these open areas do have secrets to discover, like hidden item chests, and powerful enemies to test your skills against. Just don't expect to be exploring them for hours at a time.

The open areas in The Outer Worlds are comparable to the kind of environments that you find in games like Dragon Age: Inquisition, or the more recently released Greedfall.

The Outer Worlds' biggest open area is on a planet called Monarch. It's a sizeable map, and although it still isn't what you'd call a massive open world, it's as close as The Outer Worlds gets.