Ghost Recon Breakpoint How To Hold Your Breath When Aiming

How do you hold your breath in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint on PS4? While playing the game, you may have noticed references to holding your breath while aiming -- but how do you actually do it? We'll explain the mechanic in this guide.

How to Hold Your Breath in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Holding your breath in Breakpoint is simple, but it's a very easy detail to miss. The good news is that you don't need a perk or a specific weapon to make use of this mechanic. All you need to do is hold down L2 to aim, but not the whole way. Holding L2 down the whole way will make you aim normally.

In order to hold your breath, press down on L2 and then release it. Not fully, just a little bit. After a second or so, you should hear your character breathe in sharply, and your aim should zoom in slightly. Doing this also steadies your aim so that it isn't swaying anywhere near as much as usual.

However, note that you can only hold your breath for a few seconds. When time runs out, your aim will become much more unstable, so if you are holding your breath, make sure to get your shot off quickly.