Destiny 2: Forsaken introduces a brand new story and set of missions for you to pursue throughout your time on the Tangled Shore, taking you to different places to experience a variety of things. Here's how to beat all of that mainline content.

How to Beat Destiny 2: Forsaken's Main Campaign

Progress through the introductory core missions

Things start out easy enough. After selecting the Tangled Shore from the main director, you'll be whisked away to the new area to learn of a situation at the Prison of Elders. Here, you'll complete two main missions titled Last Call and High Plains Blues.

Complete the six adventures across the Tangled Shore

From here on out, Destiny 2: Forsaken mixes things up a little by making the adventures spread across its new patrol area the means of progression. Rest assured though, these still very much feel like story missions with unique mechanics and paths to progress. You'll have to kill the following Scorned Barons:

  • The Rider
  • The Trickester
  • The Rifleman
  • The Hangman
  • The Mad Bomber
  • The Mindbender

These adventures can be completed in any order, however, there are power level guidelines to help you choose which one to go after next.

Fight your way through the mission titled The Machinist

Spider has tipped you off about the location of another one of Uldren Sov's henchmen, and so it's time to hunt them down. This level is one of our personal highlights from the entirety of the campaign, so make sure to soak in the power you're handed and take the fight to the enemy.

Nothing Left to Say concludes the campaign

Return to Petra and Spider on the Tangled Shore upon completion and you'll be handed the final story mission of the expansion, Nothing Left to Say. It's time to confront Uldren about his plans, but you're going to want to go into this fight at a reasonable high power level. The mission recommends a Guardian reaches 460 in order to stand a chance, but we were still having trouble with a certain boss fight despite being a much higher power level. We recommend not starting this mission until you're at least power level 470.

Once all is said and done, return to Commander Zavala and Ikora Rey at the Tower, and then Petra on the Tangled Shore. Congratulations, you've beaten Destiny 2: Forsaken's main campaign, but there's so much more to come.

What is there to do after beating the campaign?

For more hardcore players, this is where the game really starts. You'll be at a somewhat decent power level by this point, but the grind to 600 has only just begun. It's time to unlock the Dreaming City, a new end-game area that promises to contain all manner of exciting gear and activities, and off in the distance is the Last Wish raid. Alongside that, exotic quests will provide you with new guns and equipment, while new events will keep you coming back for more.

Have you completed Destiny 2: Forsaken's main campaign yet? Post your thoughts in the comments below, and check out our other Destiny 2: Forsaken guides.

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