Destiny 2: Forsaken - How to Complete the Holliday Family History Exotic Quest and Get The Chaperone Guide 1

A number of exotic weapons from year 1 of Destiny 2 have been given a new lease of life with the Forsaken expansion, with one of them being The Chaperone. Here's how to get your hands on this exotic Shotgun.

Please note that Destiny 2: New Light players must own the Forsaken expansion in order to trigger this quest.

How to complete the Holliday Family History exotic quest

Shotgun eliminations in the Crucible

Once you've acquired the exotic quest itself, normally popping up after hitting level 50, you'll need to head to the Crucible to eliminate 20 Guardians with any shotgun. Each and every kill carries over between matches, so this is cumulative and won't take too long to finish.

Kills from different elemental guns

After that, you need to get kills in the Crucible using weapons that house the three elements of Arc, Solar, and Void. You won't find any Kinetic weapons with these elements, so you'll need to rely on Energy and Power weapons for this step. You have the task of reaching 100% completion, with each kill adding 5%, and a death taking away 1%. Once you've completed each element however, the completion percentage is locked into place.

Eliminate Guardians in Gambit

Finally, we're heading over to Gambit where yet more Guardians need to be annihilated. You need to kill 15 other players, and this time around, it doesn't matter whether you're the one doing the invading or killing an invading enemy.

Once you've finished this step, head back to Amanda Holliday and The Chaperone will be yours.

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