PS5 Reveal 2020

The PlayStation 5 will be fully revealed at some point in 2020. We always assumed this would be the case, but now we have confirmation from Sony IT specialist Sam Parker, who says the console will be "unveiled and released" next year.

It's worth mentioning that there have been whispers of Sony putting on a PS5 reveal event before 2019 is over, but such a scenario never seemed likely as far as we're concerned. Some were hoping for another PlayStation Experience, but even if the Japanese giant was to host a show this year, we doubt that the PS5 would be there.

Right now, Sony is clearly happy to just feed us little nuggets of information through exclusive Wired articles, which is a sentence that we never thought we'd be writing. If the company can keep the momentum and excitement levels going into the new year, then it'll be primed for a big reveal.

We can't wait, but are you looking forward to finally seeing the PS5? Give us some next-gen speculation in the comments section below.