Blood & Truth PS4 PlayStation 4 PSVR

One aspect of Blood & Truth we love is its "gun-fu" combat. Sure, you can blast away enemies as in any other shooter, but this PlayStation VR action game takes things up a notch, allowing you to spin weapons around, reload in mid-air, and more. It makes for extremely expressive and tactile shooting ranges, and it's great fun. Developer London Studio is doubling down on gun skills in the latest update to the game, adding five challenges that will push your gun-toting prowess to the limit.

Quick Draw is an Old West style challenge in which you'll test your reflexes. Pistol Spinning has you whirling those things around in order to call up targets, but you'll need to balance this with actually shooting them before they disappear. Mechanism has you working levers and shooting targets simultaneously to test your dexterity. Colour Coded will colour your dual pistols red and blue, and you'll have to shoot the corresponding targets. Finally, Hot Swapping is similar to the previous challenge, but forces you to switch between a pistol and a rifle, resulting in a more tactical experience.

These challenges all have trophies attached, and the update is totally free. We're glad this game is seeing so much post-launch support, as it's a cracking PSVR game. Will you be taking on these new challenges in Blood & Truth? Unleash bullet hell in the comments below.