Facebook PS4
Image: Richard Drew

In case you missed the news, Facebook integration on PlayStation 4 has been removed. Its removal has meant that sharing videos, screenshots, or broadcast links to the social networking site is no longer possible, and users are unable to link their PlayStation Network account to their Facebook account in order to make use of various features.

The details of why this functionality has fallen through are still unclear -- although it's heavily speculated that it's to do with Facebook's recent overhaul of its privacy settings, which includes restricting access to data for outside parties, such as PlayStation in this case.

Anyway, Facebook integration isn't dead and buried on PS4 -- its removal may only be temporary. According to a statement from a Facebook spokesperson, which was issued to Kotaku, the two companies are currently renegotiating a deal. "We’re working with Sony to finalise an updated contract designed to improve the Facebook integration on PlayStation," it reads. "While these discussions are in progress, Facebook features will not be available on PlayStation 4. We hope to bring these features back as soon as our teams reach agreement."

It'll be interesting to see if any changes are made if Facebook functionality does make its way back to PS4. Indeed, the statement makes it sound like it'll receive an overhaul of some kind, but we won't know for sure until Sony agrees to this updated contract.

[source kotaku.com]