Fortnite Blackout PS4 PlayStation 4

We're not sure if you've logged into Fortnite recently, but there's a distinct lack of anything whatsoever in the Epic mega-hit right now. The battle royale shooter's tenth season ended with an astonishing finale which saw the entire island implode. Now, all that exists is a mysterious black hole while players are forced to wait for something new.

But what about all your inventory equipment? Have your V-Bucks been lost in the cataclysmic event? Fear not: all your stuff is safe and sound, according to Sony's PlayStation support account on Twitter.

No doubt inundated with questions from concerned Fortnite fans, PlayStation has assured everyone that their gear has not been lost to the black hole, and directs anyone with questions to Epic's own help page. At least now you know all your stuff is secure -- we doubt people would've been very happy if the studio took all that away, too.

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