The raids that accompany any Destiny-related expansion are moments worth tuning in for, and Destiny 2: Shadowkeep was no different. Released earlier tonight, Garden of Salvation has now been beaten with a world's first time of six hours and 15 minutes.

Ascend Clan took first place as it streamed live on Twitch, competing with a number of other seasoned teams that were all gunning for the top prize. Comprising of four main encounters, the Garden of Salvation raid features two bosses and a handful of other mechanics that Guardians must overcome.

It's by no means the longest world's first completion of a Destiny raid, but it's a commendable achievement indeed. While it features some choice language, the clan's reaction to beating the raid is well worth checking out. Were you watching along on Twitch? Will you be trying to beat the raid yourself this weekend? Drop weapons of light in the comments below.