Silent Hills PS4

It's protocol here at Push Square Towers to pour one out whenever Silent Hills is mentioned. Come on, let's raise a toast. The cancelled survival horror project was something we were looking forward to, but Death Stranding has thankfully picked up the pieces to a degree. The two titles do share some connections, however, with one being that they both cast The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus as their main protagonist.

Speaking with Hollywood Reporter, the man himself actually had some thoughts to share on the now-deceased game. When asked whether there were any similarities between the two projects, Reedus goes on to discuss his relationship with Hideo Kojima and says: "He’s great to hang out with. I’ve really gotten to know the mind of Hideo a little bit. I like the fact that Silent Hills didn’t happen, to be honest, because I’ve gotten such a peek into the way he works and the way he thinks and I’m completely blown away by this guy."

Norman Reedus then goes on to explore a little bit of the backstory of how Death Stranding came together before its E3 2016 announcement.

So, Hideo, Guillermo and I were going to do another game, a Silent Hill game, but Konami and Kojima had a falling out so it went radio silence for a minute. Then they came back and said Sony’s back in with Hideo and we’re going to make a brand new game. I was more excited about that, to be honest, because Hideo came down to San Diego Comic-Con and had an iPad and was showing me some of the graphics he was working on which were just mindblowing.

It's an interesting set of comments to make considering the amount of hype that had been built up off the back of the incredible PT. Maybe we got lucky in the end with its cancellation? Who knows. How do you react to these comments? Mourn the loss in the comments below.