Days Gone PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Days Gone was a huge hit for first-party developer Sony Bend, and now the Oregon-based outfit is beginning pre-production on its next project. Senior Staff Lighting Lead Jeremy Vickery – who led the lighting team on Deacon St John’s debut – revealed on his LinkedIn profile that he’s “now involved in the pre-production planning for our next title”.

Exactly what this will be is up for debate: a sequel to its post-apocalyptic open worlder makes most sense as it was a big commercial hit, but there’s always the possibility the team may turn its hand to something new. Personally, we’d like to see Syphon Filter make a comeback, as there’s a real dearth of spy-themed titles about.

Either way, with some console experience back under its belt after over a decade focused on handheld formats, we believe Sony Bend will be a force to be reckoned with next generation. What would you like to see the studio do next? Let us know if you want undead, undercover agents, or something entirely unexpected in the comments section below.