If you've just wrapped up a playthrough of Blasphemous and are looking for your next Souls-like hit then boy oh boy do we have the game for you. Dark Devotion, from developer Hibernian Workshop, looks to be a pixelated 2D take on Dark Souls, and the best thing is that it arrives on PlayStation 4 tomorrow.

Taking on and defeating bosses seems to be the biggest hook of the game, some of which have been designed by Kickstarter backers. 17 bosses stand in your way if you are attempting to fully complete Dark Devotion, and you can get a sampling of a few of them on the PlayStation Blog.

The game released on PC in April earlier this year, where it received mostly positive reviews. Described as more than just a clone of Dark Souls, RPGamer awarded the title an 8/10. "Coupled with a unique combination of rogue-lite elements and progression systems, and an atmosphere full of mystery and secrets that beg to be uncovered, it offers an immersive experience from start to finish, and plenty of reason to stick around even after finishing the final boss."

This looks like it could be one game worth keeping your eye on when it hits PS4 tomorrow. Are you interested? Fill up your Estus Flask in the comments below.

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