One of this generation's most bonkers games, virtual reality or not, is Trover Saves the Universe. Written by and starring Justin Roiland of Rick and Morty fame, it's a comedic adventure through space as you try to save your dogs from an enemy bent on destruction. With ad-libbed dialogue and all kinds of weird and wonderful sights, it's a bizarre game worth checking out whether or not you have PlayStation VR.

Downloadable content has been promised for the game since its arrival, and nearly half a year later, we're finally getting some. Called 'Important Cosmic Jobs', this first DLC pack for Trover will add several hours of new stuff to the game for free. As Roiland himself puts it: "You’ll get to explore Trover’s workplace, meet his weirdo colleagues, and deal with his insane bosses. It’ll be just like real life! Only less depressing!"

In addition to the new story content will be a handful of new trophies to unlock, more power babies to collect, and something called Space Slam, which is presumably some sort of minigame. Important Cosmic Jobs is out tomorrow for zero space bucks. Will you be taking it for a spin? Get weird in the comments below.