Control Game PS4

It probably still needs a patch or two to fix up the performance and framerate issues, but at least the post-launch support of Control hasn't dried up just yet. Tomorrow's 1.04 update brings with it Photo Mode, allowing you to snap in-game shots of Jesse taking down the Hiss or making use of her abilities.

Detailed in a post on the PlayStation Blog, you can use 10 different filters to edit the pictures you take, remove the protagonist from the shot completely, or adjust the field of view and aperture. That's all well and good for those who were looking forward to it, but Remedy community manager Vida Starcevic then goes on to further detail the Expeditions update coming to Control before the year is out.

Everyone who owns Control will be getting the challenging Expeditions mode, in which Jesse will need to complete different objectives within a set time to get powerful rewards. But be on your guard – every Expedition that Jesse undertakes will come with different modifiers that make the encounter extra tricky.

It sounds like a neat little mode for players looking for something to do after wrapping up the campaign, but let's hope those performance flaws have been ironed out by the time it launches. Are you still playing Control? Throw something in the comments below.