Dino Crisis PS1

Capcom is sitting on a treasure trove of IPs just waiting to be revived. The Japanese publisher began to dig into its back catalogue earlier this year with the PlayStation 4 remaster of Onimusha: Warlords, and it looks like it plans to repeat the process once again.

In the company's latest financial report for 2019, Capcom told investors that it "will revive dormant intellectual properties for which we have not recently released new titles by increasing the number of our developers." While its main priority lies in curating its biggest games such as Monster Hunter: World and upcoming Resident Evil titles, Capcom has stated that it plans to "utilize dormant IP".

In other words, Dino Crisis still has a chance of making a return. The fan-favourite has been the subject of numerous campaigns to make Capcom aware of interest in the franchise that continues to bubble 16 years after the third entry. And, if this statement rings true, then it seems like the studio might finally be listening.

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[source pcgamesn.com]