Tim Berling, better known as Avicii, tragically committed suicide in April 2018. Considered to be one of the greatest EDM artists of his time, it was a great loss to the music industry. In the video gaming world, however, it left behind a project that released just months before his death. Invector was an enjoyable rhythm game that was praised for its presentation and soundtrack, and the game is now to be repackaged as AVICII: Invector, with some of its royalties donated to The Tim Berling Foundation.

Featuring 25 hit Avicii songs, there will be additional content not found in the original game along with a whole new visual style. Six different in-game worlds have been joined by an entirely new one, and you'll be able to play with your friends in split-screen co-op.

Were you a fan of Avicii? Will you be checking this re-release out? Dance in the comments below.

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