The Playroom PS4 PlayStation 4 PS5

Before Japan Studio's Asobi Team made PlayStation VR's golden child Astro Bot Rescue Mission, it created PS4's built-in software package, The Playroom. Designed as a social augmented reality experience, every console shipped with the game pre-installed, meaning everyone had something to play immediately. It makes use of the DualShock 4's new features, like the touch pad and the light bar, acting as an early introduction to PS4's new bells and whistles. After reading Wired's latest PS5 info-dump, we can infer that the team may be bringing The Playroom back on the next-gen console.

While discussing the new controller's haptic feedback, Peter Rubin writes about "a series of short demos, courtesy of the same Japan Studio team that designed PlayStation VR's Astro Bot Rescue Mission". He talks about having a character run through a series of different surfaces, all providing unique sensations through the controller's new rumble tech. It's very possible that this will be part of a prospective Playroom 2. If this really is the case, PS5 will feature it as a baked in experience that'll take full advantage of all the new features. We know the development team is more than capable of delivering fun, tactile gameplay, so we're definitely interested in what it's cooking up for PS5.

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