Helldivers Dive Harder Update Patch PS4 PS3 Vita

You've gotta give credit to Helldivers developer Arrowhead Studios. The co-op shooter launched all the way back in March 2015 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita. And now, almost five whole years after its release, it's received a substantial update titled Dive Harder. We love it.

"Helldivers: Dive Harder includes a completely new game mode called Proving Grounds, an improved loadout system, as well as some tweaks and balancing changes," read the official patch notes.

Proving Grounds is a new mission type that's designed with replay value in mind. It features varying objectives, modifiers, and challenges, forcing you to adapt or die. Admittedly we haven't played Helldivers in years, but this does sound pretty fun.

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Meanwhile, the game's overhauled loadout system lets you save your favourite gear selection, or, if you're feeling lucky, you can opt to have your loadout randomised, which could lead to some particularly chaotic missions. You can check out the full patch notes through here.

Are any of you still playing Helldivers? If not, will this big update tempt you to, er, dive back in? Whatever you do, don't run out of ammo in the comments section below.

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